After School Programs

Dirt Club is an after-school program at Needham, Park, and Riverview Elementary Schools that takes place in the Fall and Spring. Together we learn about gardening and healthy eating by growing food and snacking on our harvest. We also expand our imaginations and knowledge of the world around us through nature-inspired art, games, and activities. Additionally, each day a healthy snack is provided - usually made together during Dirt Club with fresh produce!

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Apply for a Scholarship
Unlimited scholarships are available for students on Free & Reduced Lunch, any type of federal assistance, or for families facing financial hardship. We do not want the program cost to be a barrier for any student to participate in Dirt Club. We will inform you of your scholarship status before Dirt Club starts. You may also email Leah or call 970-259-3123.


Dirt Club Information:


An after school garden program that concentrates on growing food, cooking, seasonal garden maintenance, and nature-based crafts. This program happens in the Fall and Spring at Needham, Park, and Riverview Elementary Schools.


We have 2 sessions per year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.
Each session is 6 weeks long, and each group meets for one afternoon of the week for 1.5 hours, immediately after school is released.

Cost (Activities and snacks)

The registration fee for parents is $12 per week ($72 total for six weeks).


Needham (Mondays), Park (Tuesdays), Riverview (Thursdays).


Fall: 1st - 4th graders

Spring: K - 3rd graders


The educational aspect of Dirt Club is more informal than our in-class lessons simply because it’s an after school program. There is more room for garden exploration and garden work, so we try to incorporate more experiential learning aspects to the curriculum. In Dirt Club, we take a “learn by doing” approach. Some of our most fun activities have included planting seeds and starts, making delicious snacks, and looking for edible weeds!