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Dirt Club has started! We will be hosting Dirt Club again in Spring, so stay tuned!

It's harvest time! This Fall, Dirt Club students will harvest and enjoy produce straight from their school gardens while participating in hands-on gardening activities. Join us in exploring creepy, crawly decomposers, making scarecrows and creating art inspired by the fall blooms.

Dirt Club is a four-week program available to 1st - 4th grade students at Needham, Park, and Riverview Elementary Schools. Each day a healthy snack will be provided courtesy of Durango Natural Foods. Additionally, each school will have an alternative meeting place in the case of inclement weather. Please meet with your school's lead garden educator on the first day of Dirt Club for relocation information. 

Dirt Club tuition is $40 per student and unlimited scholarships are available at each elementary. Payments and scholarship forms can be turned in at Dirt Club. 

To apply for a Dirt Club scholarship, please complete our Scholarship Form.

Scholarship forms can be filled out and emailed to


Have questions? Email


Needham Elementary Dirt Club: *REGISTRATION IS FULL*

Dates: Mondays,  September 18th  -  October 9th (4 weeks total) 

Times: Program will run from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. on Mondays

Cost: $40 for 4 weeks and is limited to 15 students. Unlimited scholarships available. 

Educators: Mr. Will and Ms. Taylor

Meeting and Pick Up: Students will meet at the Needham School Garden. Parent Pick up will be on the corner of Arroyo and Columbine Dr.


Riverview Elementary Dirt Club *REGISTRATION IS FULL*

Dates: Tuesdays,  September 19th  -  October 10th (4 weeks total) 

Times: Program will run from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays

Cost: $40 for 4 weeks and is limited to 15 students. Unlimited scholarships available. 

Educator: Mr. Will

Meeting and Pick Up: Students will meet near the front office and walk to the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden with the garden educator. Parent pick up will be at the Ohana Kuleana Garden (564 E. 30th St.)


Park Elementary Dirt Club:

Dates: Wednesdays,  September 20th  -  October 11th (4 weeks total) 

Times: Program will run from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays

Cost: $40 for 4 weeks and is limited to 15 students. Unlimited scholarships available. 

Educator: Ms. Marissa

Meeting and Pick Up: Students will meet at the Learning Preserve Courtyard. Parent Pick up will be in front of the school on 6th Ave.



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