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    Become a volunteer!

    We joined our local time bank! Hour Exchange La Plata (HELP) - Learn more about how your volunteer time with The Garden Project can count towards hours you can exchange for other services.


    Our 2018 Volunteer Opportunities are out!! Click here for a more in-depth description of what volunteering opportunities we have to offer.

    Volunteers are an integral part of The Garden Project.  Every year volunteers provide over 1,500 hours of time at our school and community gardens. Volunteers are welcome at upcoming garden days, community events, or are welcome to create their own volunteer opportunities.  Always remember to check the website for cancellations (Colorado weather can cause some good intentions to change.) Organizations or groups who wish to volunteer should contact us directly to arrange a date. 

    Please comment below whether you are interested in:

    • School Gardens (working with youth)volunteers.jpg
    • Community Gardens (working with the general community)
    • Food Security (working with food insecure families)
    • Behind the scenes (ex: fundraising, grant writing, volunteer recruitment)
    • Board of Directors (see our Board page here)

    Please list any applicable skills you may have such as:  

    • Carpentry or Construction
    • Education and Teaching
    • Fundraising or Grant Writing
    • Gardening or Agriculture
    • Grant Writing
    • Outreach or Marketing 
    • Special Events
    • Program Development / Evaluation

    Would you like to volunteer?

    • In the gardens 
    • In the office
    Become a volunteer

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